Mill Mountain Incline Trolley


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The Mill Mountain Incline, or, funicular  (incline plane),  was located on Mill Mountain in Roanoke,  VA,  and operated between 1910 and 1929.  At a construction cost of $40,000  the project was viewed as a major attraction to the city.  The incline railroad was completed in 1909  when two counterbalanced cars were installed.  The inaugural trip took place on August  10, 1910.  A  four minute ride up the mountain cost $.25  and lasted  four minutes each way.
A toll road to the summit was built in 1920 for  automobiles,  effectively sealing the fate of the Incline.  It closed in 1929 and was demolished in 1934.


Solid Brass;   Brushed  Finish.  Includes ribbon as shown.  First produced in 2013.

Dimensions:  1 ¼” height  x  1 7/8” width



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