Jefferson High School


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Jefferson High School opened its doors on September 15, 1925,  and over fifty-one years graduated almost  19,000 young men and women.  Costing $550,000 the new high school looked like a red brick version of Virginia Military Institute with towers, turrets and battlements.  Placed in the original cornerstone among other mementos were three acorns urging a future generation to plant them in order to connect past, present and future.

After standing vacant for nearly two decades the old Jefferson High School is alive again.  Renamed the Jefferson Center  it has been converted into a non-profit,  multipurpose facility which enriches and educates by producing high quality performing arts.


Solid Brass;   Brushed Finish.  Includes ribbon as shown.  First produced in 1995.

Dimensions:  1” height  x 2” width



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